Statistics for Pop Culture, Population, and Crime

Learn about world population growth and global beer consumption in one place.

Statistics of Interest

Like a lot of people, I think statistics can be fun especially when they support your viewpoint. They should, of course, be fully ignored when they don't.

Cherry picking is the hallmark of any great argument.☺

So I've assembled a collection of facts and statistics the range from the fun and frivolous to the dire and depressing that you can rampage through like a bucket of hot buttery popcorn on an empty stomach.

The center focus of the pages is a 'live' ticking counter that allows you to see things like an approximation of how many litres or gallons of beer have been consumed so far at this exact moment in time.

To be perfectly clear, these statistics are not tracked in real time - they're just approximations based on a yearly average.

All these statistic counters use information from trusted and reputable sources like the UN population reports or US Census Bureau data.

I list some data sources used in the article or related to the subject at the bottom of every page so that, if you're some kind of data nerd, you can read more in depth on the topic at hand.

The site is just starting up so please pass the link to this website to your ne'er-do-well friends and acquaintances so that we can become more popular and more motivated to make even more of these scintillating pages.

Thanks, Scott.